Maya to Modo Mouse Navigation Settings

Here at BrawVFX we use a number of different softwares, depending on the job we’re doing.  Moving between software can be challenging due to the different navigation shortcuts. The one that really gets me is shifting from Maya to Modo. In an ideal world I would be able to learn the Modo controls as using the trackball rotation with the workplane is great for efficient modelling. Generally I don’t have the time or trying is just makes my brain hurt. If the same happens to you, follow these steps to make Modo work like Maya:

1. Switch to Maya key mapping so you can use the usual Alt+Mouse button combinations.

Open the preferences window:


Choose the “Remapping” menu under the “Input” group.  Choose “Maya” from the “Mouse Input Presets” menu.


A popup appears.  Unless you really like using multiple mouse buttons to control the zoom, choose “No”.


2.  Turn off trackball rotation.  This keeps the y-axis always pointing up, preventing you from accidentally turning the world upside down.


In the “OpenGL” options, make sure “Trackball Rotation” is switched off.

That’s all you should need to get Modo navigation setup like Maya.  Beyond that I’d recommend leaving the key mapping as it is and learning the Modo shortcuts – they really do make sense once you get used to them.

More tutorials coming soon…

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